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The professional manner in which Krystal Clear Audio-Video conducts it's business is the perfect environment to showcase your products...I do intend to forward a modified version of this letter to the editors of Home Theater Technology, Stereophile and Stereophile Guide to Home Theater. I want to let other consumers know that there is "High-End Audio" hope in Dallas/Ft. Worth. And it's spelled KRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO-VIDEO!"

- KA, Dallas, TX

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We Bring our Showroom to your Room
"The finest art of technology in the home and office; Exceptional music and cinema reproduction... for over 31 years"

Introducing the “Virtual” Showroom©
Imagine your favorite high end audio components available to audition in your own room. There’s no more guessing about whether it works with what you already have. Or wondering how it will sound in your room.

We Make it Easy... Really
In the comfort of your own home, you can enjoy a relaxed time with your favorite music (or some of ours). There’s no high pressure. Just experience it on your time, your schedule. For auditions that include more elaborate components, we can conveniently arrange a session with an existing system for your review upon request.

The Decision is Yours
We understand people nowadays can have hectic schedules with demands from many directions. So by bringing this experience to you, a more informed decision can be made. Meaning there’s no more buyers’ remorse. Truly long term satisfaction is yours for the taking.

Wait... It Gets Even Better
There is no obligation other than the intent to purchase if you like what you hear. What’s more, your system is set up perfectly so it can perform at its highest level so there isn’t any guesswork as to whether the components or system are working optimally... and for those that already know what you want, we will deliver (no charge) and/or install (call for quote) the system that meets or exceed your expectations. How easy is that to make the best decision?

Krystal Clear Solutions for Sight and Sound
offering visual sensations as intended by the movie director and enticing audio oscillations designed to make you feel as though you are part of the artist's experience.

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Sit back, relax and enjoy a special compellation I designed for your listening pleasure.